JSC “BioPower Industries” manufactures biomass gasifiers utilizing thermal cracking technology operating under high temperature where the biomass is converted to a gas.

Carefully calculated timing of gasification leads to a gas with negligible tar elements and thus can be utilized in heat generation and electrical generation by reciprocating engines.

The Biomass gasification and utilization processes are accepted as a ‘green’ technology as the harmful greenhouse gases (especially methane) energy is captured and utilized displacing the requirement for other fossil fuels to provide the desired energy. For instance, diesel generators are one of the largest producers of greenhouse gases that now can be displaced by utilizing our gasifier equipment. This would provide a large carbon credit to communities.





The gasifier equipment is made up of a continuous enclosed line with feedstock receiving, gasification reactor, producer gas cleansing and cooling. By following the operational manuals and checklists, this production line has been designed so that operators with minimal technical background can be relied upon.