The principle of the operation of our biomass gasification plant is based on the technology of thermal decomposition – at high temperatures, biomass is split into flammable gases.

Due to the optimally calculated gasification process, the gases produced have very low gum volume and can be used to generate heat using gas burners or electricity using a gas engine – a generator.

The biomass gasification process is a source of “green” energy, which reduces CO2 emission by converting these gases into fossil fuels.

Gasification facility is an integrated system consisting of fuel, thermal decomposition reactor, a gas cleaning, and cooling equipment.

In accordance with the operating and maintenance instructions, the unit can be serviced by the operator without special training, taught by the manufacturer’s representatives.

If the manufacturer’s instructions are followed, the gas installation can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Service intervals are determined by the manufacturer depending on the type of fuel and the intensity of use of the gasificator.